Coworking in Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz

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About coworking About coworking

Hello World! :) I work in IT and most of the year i do so remotely. I've always wanted to live on a warm island in the middle of the ocean, so I live in Tenerife and work from my own office in Puerto de la Cruz.
Office address: Plaza del Charco 15 (Centro Comercial Olympia), 1st floor, office 29, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.
The office is a little bit to big for me alone. So if you want to work in Puerto de la Cruz for a while and would like to do so in comfort and convenience, i offer you to work with me in the office. The office is equipped with a stable high-speed internet connection, office desks with the possiblity to connect your laptop to a pair of large monitors and a full-sized keyboard and a normal mouse.
I expect small donations from you, only 5 - 7 - 9 euros per working day.
Working days are, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., lunchtime around 12 noon to 1 p.m. Holidays, coinciding with holidays in Bavaria, Germany. Work at other times is also possible, in this case donations will be by agreement.
The office is located in the heart of Puerto, in Plaza Charco, inside the Olympia commercial centre. It overlooks the courtyard, so it is natural illuminated but you are not blinded by direct sunlight. It's comfortable, warm, not too hot, quiet with no street noise and practically no neighbours. The office has a kettle, fridge and a microwave. It is possible to smoke outside 10 metres away from the entrance. From the office the nearest restaurant is 10 metres, (more than 30 restaurants and cafes within 150 metres), nearest supermarket 40 metres (more than 20 shops and kiosks within 150 metres), nearest beach, in port, 120 metres (3 other beaches and outdoor pool a few hundred metres) away. It's quite feasible to eat, shop and visit the beach at lunchtime.

How to begin How to begin

From 10.06.2024 to 14.07.2024 the office is closed due to a trip to Germany for the European Football Championship.
To work in the office you can simply come in during office hours, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If there is space available, you can start work immediately.

Office address: Plaza del Charco 15 (Centro Comercial Olympia), 1st floor, office 29, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

If you are not in Puerto, you can ask questions by e-mail info(At)co-working-tenerife.com

Workplace, donation 5 - 9 euros.
Wide height-adjustable table (can work standing up), computer chair, docking station, two monitors, keyboard, mouse, internet up to 600 Mbit/s. Workplace, donation 9 euros.

Workplace, donation 5 - 7 euros.
Table, office chair, docking station, monitor, keyboard, mouse, internet up to 600Mbps. Workplace, donation 7 euros.

Why Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz Why Tenerife
and Puerto de la Cruz?

Canary Islands are eternal spring islands, never too cold or too hot. The average temperature ranges from 18°C in winter to 25°C in summer. And this is Europe, Spain, with its European rules, laws and attitude to people. It's EU and Schengen, there are no problems with visas and work permits if you live in the EU. The currency is the euro. English is understood almost everywhere, often German. Familiar food, drink and range in shops. There are no exotic problems or nuances. And as the Canaries are a free economic zone with reduced VAT, accommodation here is considerably cheaper than on the Spanish mainland.
Tenerife is the largest, most populated and most economically developed Canary Island. It has the best infrastructure in the Canaries, two airports, two ports, autobahns, excellent mountain roads, excellent bus services, beaches for all tastes. Most historical, cultural and natural attractions. Most accessible flight connections to Europe and the world. Visiting other archipelago islands from here is also very easy and convenient. Clean water and air, absence of poisonous and dangerous animals and insects. The 'scariest' insect is the cockroach. The largest land animal is the rabbit.
Tenerife consists of two climate zones, the south is 'dry' and a rocky desert, the north 'wet' and a green paradise of grass, flowers and forests. To the north, the Orotava Valley is very green and surprisingly beautiful and, according to Humboldt, "the most beautiful place in the world".
Puerto de la Cruz is located right here. It is the island's oldest oceanfront resort, with unique black sand beaches and beautiful parks. It has its own microclimate and is the warmest and sunniest place in the north. Enchanting views of the ocean, mountains, Teide. Great restaurants and shopping. A small, green, very beautiful and very peaceful town, the tourists here are mostly of the older generation. However, it is an easy and quick (30 minutes) way to the island's capital, Santa Cruz. The white sandy beaches and nightlife in the south are just an hour and a half drive or bus ride away. It's also easy to drive into the forest or up into the mountains. An ideal place to live and work.
The office is in the lower part of town, directly by the ocean. It is considerably flatter and a couple of degrees warmer than the upper part.